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We offer something for everyone: EAGALA, Wellness Vaulting and Wellness Riding, Competitive Riding, Two Step Revolution Vaulting Club, Vaulting, Lunging, & Horsmanship.


Equine Therapy

Two Step Revolution uses proven techniques to incorporate horses into conventional therapy for a truly unique and holistic experience.


Two Step Vaulting

We offer a variety of service for equines and equine enthusiasts. From Competitive Vaulting Hunter Jumper, Dressage, Western, English riding basics to Horsemanship 101 and everything else inbetween - we have something that's right for you.
Beginning Vaulting

Beginning Vaulting

A series of gymnastics and dance moves on horseback.
Competitive Vaulting

Competitive Vaulting

We're committed to a nurturing community of exemplary athletes.

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Let us help you step Into the life you deserve.

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At Two Step Revolution, our passion is to inspire individuals to evolve into their fullest potential.